Like Walking To The River With A Spey Rod

A.D. 1363, the End of Chivalry from Jake Mahaffy on Vimeo.


Free the Collect!

“On the lower end, two fair-sized streams drained the interior. One rose from a series of springs that poured forth from hillocks around today’s 20th Street and Fifth Avenue. The Saponickan band living there called it Ishpetenga. It flowed southwest into the Hudson near the mouth of another trout stream. This one had its origins in a deep, fair-sized pond where Worth and Centre streets now cross. It flowed northwesterly, almost in a straight line, and became the course for today’s Canal Street. The pond was known as The Collect. The Dutch name for this trout pond was derived from one of its beaches, which they which they called Kalk Hoek – Chalk Point or Chalk Hook. It was given the name because the early Dutch settlers came here to collect the shells of freshwater mussels, which were ground and added to the mortar used to build their homes. When the English took over management of Manhattan in 1664 they assumed many of the Dutch words already in use for geographic features. Their inelegant pronunciation of Dutch turned the monosyllabic word “Kalk” (or “Chalk”) into the dissylable “Kal-leck”- hence, “Collect.” The pond’s name had nothing to do with collecting water in the area, as some writers have suggested, although it did have two small feeder streams. For decades, in the 1600s and 1700s, it was the source of drinking water for all of lower Manhattan’s residents. The Collect and its associated streams contained brook trout as late as 1740.”

– from Brook Trout by Nick Karas


…and a shovel and a fly rod!

And Now A Word From The Hideous Jabbering Head of Izaak Walton

Hiya Scamps!


Argy blargy blarg!

You know, being a disembodied jabbering head sorta limits my mobility, which leaves me lots of time to surf the web. And enjoy this Camelbak full of sweet mother bourbon (thanks guys). Anyway, I’ve been watching our stats, especially the search terms that people are using to find us with The Google and whatnot. Let’s have a look at the notables from the last 30 days and see just how weird you freaks really are:

how to fly fish
Oh man, uh oh. Really? Um. We don’t have bail money for you. Sorry. Would you like to buy some stickers?

bigfoot sighting
bigfoot sightings in pa
pa bigfoot sightings
sightings of bigfoot in pa
bigfoot in western pa
bigfoot sightings in pennsylvania
bigfoot of pa

Hey Wook! Your mom’s looking for you! Jeebvs, I think the bigfoot post was from our very first week of operation. I wonder how disappointed they are when they end up here. “AWW, I was SO CLOSE!”

chicks fishing

No really. Stop. It’s just sad now.

donny beaver
Everybody loves the Donald.

fat boat
Corpulent Cruise Lines?

ass black buster

rainbow bologna
Oh. That’s what.

fisheries in merde
You, anonymous internet person, are in the right place.

pictures of western pa trees
Where bigfoot might be hiding. We understand.

springer sluts
This is Bacon’s doing.

izaak walton animated gif
Is available for children’s parties. Rock on, mvthafvsticvs!


Internet Flotsam



Purity – To Seas!

Interesting example of Soviet propaganda poster art from the 70’s. Quite different than the primary colors and crazy detailing usually seen in these things. Maybe a bit of hippietude aesthetic crept under the curtain? They look like humpies to my untrained eye, with some PNW-flava totemic stylization.

Translation: Purity – To Seas! – a departure from the expected pro-party sentiments. Why are they flying? Could it have something to do with the alarming orange water? Maybe Brezhnev had a secret plan to use trippy giant salmon-shaped airships to invade Berkeley? Probably wouldn’t have caused much of a fuss.