The Rumpus Wants to Fish


You eat fish because fish is free. You eat fish because your daddy likes to go fishing more than anything—except drinking and the needles he shoves into his arms. The tiny white joints he smokes. The powder he snuffs up his nose. He is always happy after fishing. He hums to himself, an upbeat tune.  more at The Rumpus



Oh Lithgow, Bring Me the Parker

Coolness courtesy of the Library of Congress collection, the Works Projects Administration, and Lithgow Osborne, Commissioner of the New York State Conservation Department, 1933-1938.


Crop Ass, a Gamey Community

Hook & Bullet

Field & Stream really did get out of control with those covers in the 1940s.


I was just out for a hike…

HA! Is joke! This is called Bad Day on the High Sea, by Brandon Bird. Here’s what he has to say:

“Here, raw sexual aggression is symbolized by the sperm whale, while the squid acts as a thinly-disguised metaphor for the multi-armed oligarchies of Rockefeller, Hearst, and Morgan. Their battle plays against the backdrop of the sea, standing in for–what else?–the vastness of the unconscious mind.”

What else?