The threat of losing our public lands looms large. That threat grows, passing like wildfire through halls of Congress and state capitols, spreading its invasive rhetoric in our communities. People with soft hands and expensive suits tell us “It’s just transfer. It’s not like we’re selling them.”

It’s not just transfer. And it is a big deal.


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Mikey Two-Shoes and His Groove

Buster has some cool pals. You can find Agua Fria Alchemy in the blogroll.

Wherein Buster gets a new Mop-Boy.

Buster goes Un-American. Or Semi-American. Or…Whatever.

Born into a posh, genteel life in the Irish countryside, TheUglyMerican decided at an early age that there was more to life than harassing peasants and yelling at the help. After the fiasco in Kedai Mulong, the Malaysian government’s subsequent banning of all things Irish, and the refusal by the Irish to let him back in the country, he settled in Alaska where he took up the distinctly American pastime of harassing fish and wildlife.


He might be a bit reclusive due to his habit of hassling marine mammals during the summer, but deer, elk, goose and coho bullying season is just around the corner and I’m sure he’ll have a few things to say about that.

Lat 43°32’00″N, Long 76°02’20″W, Hello Bozeman!


Come in Rangoon!

And props to, that BWTF one-off ‘s survived 3 Oswego County winters like a goddam champ. You try standing in front of a snow gun for 3 years, look as good you will not, hmm?