Mikey Two-Shoes and His Groove

Buster has some cool pals. You can find Agua Fria Alchemy in the blogroll.

Oh Lithgow, Bring Me the Parker

Coolness courtesy of the Library of Congress collection, the Works Projects Administration, and Lithgow Osborne, Commissioner of the New York State Conservation Department, 1933-1938.


Crop Ass, a Gamey Community

Photoshoppery: Your Custom Drifter

Call for submissions: whip up a custom rig. We don’t care if it’s a photoshop masterpiece, amateur hackery like this one or an MSPaint scrawling, let’s see em. C’mon, it’s fun. Help us out of the last cold hard stretch of a long northern winter.

Of course, if you have a real actual boat with a real actual wicked cool paint job, go ahead and show it off. Though you’re probably too busy fending off your pack of sex-crazed groupies to bother.

Here’s my entry: the P-40 Flying Tiger Trout! You know you want one.