Like Walking To The River With A Spey Rod

A.D. 1363, the End of Chivalry from Jake Mahaffy on Vimeo.


Wild and Scenic Rock Creek. Make. This. Happen.


It starts with deep pools and log jams in its lower reaches and ends curving through meadows beneath cliff faces hundreds of feet tall; the section of Rock Creek that is being proposed for Wild and Scenic Designation has every type of water you could possibly expect.  Rock Creek hosts not only, rainbows, browns, the odd brookie, native cuts and bull trout and whitefish it provides habitat for deer, moose, goats, bears, pikas (meep!), foxes, coyotes, wolves (probably) , various species of pocket gophers, voles and moles, beavers, otters, the occasional wolverine, mountain lions, countless bird species, mayflies, caddisflies, stoneflies and terrestrials.  It is an awesome place.


Take a moment to learn more about Rock Creek and why it needs protection here then sign the petition over here.


The Old Man And Pete Dexter


Early morning, Seeley Lake, Montana. The sun has touched the lake, but the air is dead still and cooler than the water, and the fog comes off the surface in curtains, hiding some of the Swan Range three miles to the east. And in doing that, it frames the rest. It is the design here, I think, that nothing is taken without compensation, except by men and fires. They leave all the holes.

Originally published in Esquire in 1981, just one year before Dexter and his pal Randall “Tex” Cobb got into that infamous bar fight in Philly, Pete Dexter’s interview with Norman Maclean The Old Man And The River.    It’s a sort of nature piece wherein Maclean is observed in his own habitat and is revealed to be a cranky old SOB, insightful and cynical, like everyones grandpa used to be.  Good stuff.


bustermus maximus

bloodshot and sparsely hackled fully caffeinated on either end of a hangover. musky horny underfucked and overmedicated. puffy dehydrated chapped.  eyes like pissholes in the snow.  waiting for another hatch counting the fish at bonneville dead drift never blink.    generalist of presentation father of forgotten flies husbander of discarded tippet.  waiting for the next tug on this sickday or the next.