Gotta Be Smarter Than Your Average Foliage

Fishingjones was manning the Troub-Alert when an item came over the cryptozoology wire smelling like booze.

Man killed while trying to create Bigfoot sighting

“…alcohol may have been a factor but investigators were awaiting tests.”

Takeaway:  if you’re trying to be seen, don’t stand in oncoming traffic in the dark wearing camouflage.

Better yet: if you’re prone to harebrained ideas AND drinking, you might as well just go fishing. You could drown, true, but you probably won’t end up as an item in Boogan News.


yeah, boy, some people, huh?

p.s. faking Bigfoot is dishonest, and it makes Bigfoot mad, and you’ll wake up with a moose head in your bed.

also: this has been Buster’s totally gratuitous Bigfoot post for 2012.


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